Branding and Corporate Identity Designs
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Brand Marketing Campaigns

A marketing campaign is a coordinated series of steps that can include promotion of a product through different mediums using a variety of different types of advertisements.

Brand or Campaign?

The brand and the campaign are both essential to your marketing efforts, for different reasons.

While brand work focuses on identity and experience, campaigns centres on something more specific. A campaign emphasizes what you offer and how your audience benefits. Promotional campaigns tend to be shorter-term initiatives (often less than a year) that promote a specific product or service. And the goal and audience are both narrower, too: you’re looking to inspire a particular set of people to take action, with near-term results.

Learn What a Branding Campaign Is

The core concept behind a branding campaign is that if you put a positive message about your company in front of enough people for enough time, they will think about you when it comes time to make a purchase. To really understand what a branding campaign can do for your business, you’ll want to review these basic branding concepts.

Though there are some differences between building a brand and developing a campaign, there’s often significant overlap as well. And the lines between the two are blurring. Strong brands like Apple and Nike now regularly create campaigns to promote broader, brand-sized ideas, and to powerful effect.

Simply put, a brand campaign is a sustained marketing effort to communicate what your institution or organization stands for—not your products or services.

When you look at your marketing budget, you may think the idea sounds like a luxury, something that only huge corporations can afford. But with the intense competition we’re seeing in virtually every industry, we’re convinced that it’s critical for brands of all sizes. And if it’s done right, the results can be compelling.

Campaigns convey a brand’s essence in tangible ways in order to shape perceptions over time. They help rally audiences around a common theme or brand philosophy.

Here is how we can help you with the creative marketing campaign for your brand

  • Identify the campaign’s purpose
  • Develop theme for the campaign
  • Develop strategy based on the theme
  • Select media/s for promotion
  • Design collateral based on medias selected

Based on the requirement we can also help you execute the campaign with support on copy, printing, fabrication, video, photography, public relations, etc.

Do you want help with your marketing campaign?

Please reach out and a business representative will get back to you swiftly.