Echical Branding services that are compliant with Shariah principles at Enthof Creatives
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Ethical Branding

Ethical branding has risen to prominence in recent years as a market solution to a diverse range of political, social and, in this case most interestingly, ethical problems. By signifying the ethical beliefs of the firm behind them, ethical branding offers an apparently simple solution to ethical consumers.

Ethical Branding

In order to retain credibility, branding needs ethics at its heart. To be honest, branding is inherently unethical. You’re trying to manipulate people into paying more for your product, when they could pay less and have functionally the same thing.


Ethical branding counteracts the unethical nature of branding in two ways. To be honest, branding is inherently unethical. First, it puts the emphasis on the functional benefits of a product (e.g. attempting to prove that it is worth more). Second, it focuses on the ways in which the company interacts sustainably with its partners, workers, community and/or the environment. Meaning, you could get it cheaper but you’ll probably get it from a company that acts badly in order to squeeze the most it can out of every dollar.


Consumers in five of the world’s leading economies believe business ethics have worsened in the past five years and are turning to “ethical consumerism” to make companies more accountable.

Ethics contribute to build brands with good image and reputation

1. Branding becomes more about education and less about sales
With branding detached from the marketing department, it shifts its focus from merely trying to create ‘brand awareness’ to building a culture that is rich with the brand’s ideals so that it shapes and inspires every decision.


2. Brand ideals become less ethereal and more practical
With a holistic approach to identity the brand’s values will by necessity become more practical and meaningful.


3. Social responsibility comes to the heart of the organisation
When behaviour becomes central to the corporate identity, it ceases to be a fringe exercise and instead moves to the heart of the organisation. The brand’s assets (it’s logo, strap lines, and other intellectual property) would become the responsibility of the identity department, allowing them to safeguard their usage to protect its identity.

4. Ethics becomes a positive conversation
Ethics becomes an opportunity for companies to dramatically differentiate themselves.


5. Staff engagement becomes stronger
Deepening your understanding of ‘why you matter’ helps your customers understand why they matter. And every customer matters because they aren’t just paying for your products; they are eager participants in the brand’s grand performance.


Here is how we can help you with the Ethical Branding for your products

  • Ethics Compliance Brand Reporting
  • Ethical brand identity design (see related services here)
  • Image and reputation management
  • Ethical branding strategy for welfare of society


Based on the requirement we can also help you execute the campaign with support on copy, printing, fabrication, video, photography, public relations, etc.

Do you want help with your marketing campaign?

Please reach out and a business representative will get back to you swiftly.