Medical Marketing Communications / Medico Marketing at Enthof Creatives
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Medical Marketing Communication

The WHO defines pharmaceutical promotion as “all information and persuasive activities executed by pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, attempting to affect the prescription, supply, purchase, and/or use of medical drugs”.

Medical Marketing Communication

Our medical marketing communication team can help you to launch and develop strong brand communication to reach your target audience. We focus on identification of market communication channels, barriers and economy of the assignments. Our research ability and innovative business model helps us to configure the suitable and active communication channel to meet the client’s requirements. We are always trying to exchange product related information in an innovative way to reach Physician, Pharmacist and Patients.

Our innovative way to represent drug information to the concern audience will help your organization to accelerate the product launch and market development process with desired time line. We use our research analytics to get an access to market challenges and our innovation creates the solution to bring the success.

Medical Marketing Allows Brands to Revive Their Image and Loyalty

As people increasingly choose generic versions of their prescriptions to save money, big brands need to find ways to distinguish their products and develop a loyal following. This is where marketing can make a major difference by positioning the brand as the better choice and promoting continued use to build lasting loyalty.

Perhaps the biggest change in healthcare marketing has been the shift away from primarily doctors and more toward consumers. While doctors will always remain a key target since they are the ones providing and prescribing the big brands, today’s consumers want to be much more involved in their healthcare decisions, which makes them prime prospects for healthcare brands.

Here is how we can help you with the medical marketing communication for your products

  • Brand identity design
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Detailing aid design – electronic as we/l as print
  • Sales training manuals
  • Web content
  • Brochure/ sales aid design
  • Poster design
  • Advertisement
  • Presentation slide design
  • Exhibition booth design

Based on the requirement we can also help you execute the campaign with support on copy, printing, fabrication, video, photography, public relations, etc.

Do you want help with your marketing campaign?

Please reach out and a business representative will get back to you swiftly.